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Site Development - Beta

This template just uses sibling selectors to select Source one, the Footer, Source two and the Clearing element. This type of selecting is not for the fainhearted since the style for Source one also applies to Source two and the style for the Footer also applies for the Clearing element. In IE though this is tricky since I have include ordinary HTML. So the following selector:

div+div+div {}

This also styles the next element which is futher styled and overruled by specificity by:

div+div+div+div {}

Below is an image showing the schematic layout of the XHTML structure of this page.

Image of the schematic layout of the structure of this page

For IE I must include this.

div+div+*+div {}
div+div+*+div+*+div {}

To be continued.....

Honor Roll

  1. Webkit nightly
  2. Safari 3 (beta)
  3. iCab 4 (Gecko-Mac)
  4. Sunrise 4 (Webkit-Mac)
  5. Firefox 3 (beta)
  6. Opera 9.5 (beta)
  7. Firefox 2
  8. Gecko 1.7
  9. Opera 2.5
  10. IE 5/Mac
  11. IE 7/Win (and IE 8?)
  12. IE 8 ???
  13. IE 6/Win (and earlier)

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