Attribute Selectors with no match

The is a test page for negation pseudo-class selectors. If the lines below are grey, blue, red and green then this browser can be tested.

Not Supported

No Match - Correct

Match - Incorrect

Note: This test page is still incomplete and under review and testing.

Attribute presence and values selectors CSS2


p.test3[class="test3"] <p class="test3 x">

p.test5-x[class="test5"] <p class="test5-x">


p.test21[class~="test21 x"] <p class="test21 x y">

p.test23[class~=""] <p class="test23 x y">

p.test32-x[class|="x"] <p class="test32-x">

p.test37-x[class|=""] <p class="test37-x">

Support of Selectors
SelectorGecko 1.7~1.9Opera 9.2Opera 9.5bSafari 3.1bIE 7~8biCabKonqueror
6.3.1. Attribute presence and values selectors OKBOKOKOK??

Substring matching attribute selectors CSS3

p.test52[class^="tes"] <p class="x test52">

p.test62[class$="st62"] <p class="test62 x">

Support of Selectors
SelectorGecko 1.7~1.9Opera 7.5~8.5Opera 9.0~9.5bSafari 3.1bIE 7~8biCabKonqueror
6.3.2. Substring matching attribute selectorsOKNOKOKOK??

Other test with Selectors

References and other links

  1. CSS selectors: basic browser support
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