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Test with CSS3

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This page showcases the best of my CSS3 demonstrations. Other CSS3 demonstrations can be found in this directory which leads on to other directories.

CSS-3D logoSome of the better CSS animations have or will be moved over to my new site CSS-3D that showcases the best of my CSS3 animations.

Animation with 3D transforms

Animated color cube showing sRGB color-space The original animated color cube

Spiraling color cubes using 3D transforms. The first demonstration shows RGB color-space where the second demonstration has faces with linear gradients (view with Safari 5, iPad or iPhone).

Animation with 2D transforms

Rolling box with transforms and Pi Rolling box with transforms with paused start

The demonstrations show cubes (they could be circles) that appear to being rolling from left to right by using rotate on an element inside a frame that moves towards the right. There are various examples on each test page with different timings.

Rotating box with transforms of rotate and skew

A demonstration showing rotating (horizontally) and skewing (vertically) boxes by using frames.

CSS3 Gradients

Gradient Art

Creating color blocks with multiple backgrounds using CSS gradients and background-size.

Repeating Linear Gradients with color stops

Using the CSS3-Images property repeating-linear-gradient to create amazing gradients (Works best in Firefox and Opera).

CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders

Background shorthand with background-size

Using the long awaited forward slash '/' in background shorthand along with background-size (view in IE9 and IE10).

CSS3 Transitions

Transformed element using SVG and transition

Demonstration showing elements with backgrounds using SVGs that rotate on the y axis when hovering. The animation is achieved with transition.

Expanding tabs with transition in duration and delay

A demonstration of an expanding tab menu using many CSS3 affects such as border-radius, multiple backgrounds, gradients as well as hover affect with generated content (works best in Firefox 4).

CSS3 demonstrations by other authors

Created: 30th January 2011
Last updated: 26th May 2011.

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