Rotating color cube with CSS3 3D animation and transforms.

Very unfinished - testing 11th Febuary 2011.

This show sRGB colorspace with 125 colors.

Hover the box with the blue border to pause the animation. Please view in Safari for the 3D CSS3 animation and transforms.

To view particular planes within the colorspaces, the 3D color cube on the left and a top to bottom view on the right. Anchored to the bottom of the viewport are more buttons to change the background of both boxes.

Each plane reveals a pairing of colors of the same hue (one is the positive and the other is the negative) within sRGB colorspace.

aqua to red
fuchsia to lime
yellow to blue
pink to green
violet to green
blue to orange
greens~violet 1
greens~violet 2
orange~blue 1
orange~blue 2
pink~green 1
pink~green 2
greens~violet 3
greens~violet 4
orange~blue 3
orange~blue 4
pink~green 3
pink~green 4

Please view the original demo or the demo similar to this one.

Below is an image showing an example of what can be done.

Change background color of boxes