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Internet Explorer Bugs

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Internet Explorer has come a long way with regards to the various levels of support that each version of IE has for the CSS standards. It was not until the release of IE8 that IE support of CSS2.1 became par with that of the other browsers. Now with IE9 beta out, IE support of CSS3 has become par with that of the other browsers.

This page documents current IE CSS bugs but also links to test case that demonstrate many well known or not well known bugs in earlier versions of IE. IE6 was supposedly the buggiest version of IE but in my opinion that honour should be given to IE7. This page is laid out showing CSS bugs in descending order of IE version with a clear heading for each version or range of versions. Additional test cases demonstrating CSS bugs can be found via this directory.

Bugs in IE9 beta

Positioned transparent anchored bug

An old IE bug with transparent links.

IE9 beta bug with margin auto on element with overflow hidden beside float

Overflow hidden is now normally used to create a block formatting context for block elements beside floats. This stops the background or borders of such elements from appearing under the float. Now if the same element with overflow hidden has a horizontal margin with the value of auto (also width auto) on the side where the float is, in IE9 beta, this element will drop below the float.

Bugs in IE9 beta and IE8

IE8 and IE9 beta bidi-direction and block formatting context

Having a HTML attribute dir="rtl" or changing the direction direction:rtl wrongly establishes a block formatting context.

Bugs in IE8

IE8 beta 1 and beta 2

Bugs that were present in the various versions of IE8 beta.

Bugs in IE7 and IE8

Flickering images with hover

Images should not flicker when hovering semi-opaque images.

Bugs in IE7 only

Trident Rendering Bands

This was originally an exploration into the cause of the IE Escaping Floats Bug and the IE Peekaboo Bug. Now these bugs are squashed but the rendering bands are present in IE 8 (beta 1) causing problems when using alpha transparent images in both IE 7 and IE 8 (beta 1). This bug is also present in IE 8 (beta 2) with page zooming.

IE7 Recalculated Offset Bug

The bug that has arrived with IE7 now supporting the dynamic pseudo element :hover. Mysteriously the bug was present in IE 6 in a primordial way, but was not fully understood at the time.

Bugs in IE5, IE6 and IE7

Escaping background image bug

In a container without hasLayout, background images are misplaced.

IE7-/Win Calculated Offset Bug IE/Win Calculated Offset Bug with padding

This bug with absolutely positioned element following a float in the source. It happens because IE can not correctly offset auto. Please note that the test cases are incomplete.

IE7- Ap with left auto offset positioned by margin-left of element next in source

If an absolutely positioned element with left auto offset is followed in the source by an element with a margin-left, IE5~IE7 will positions the absolutely positioned element by the value of margin-left of the following element.

IE7-/Win hasLayout and Margins

A Test showing the adverse affects on vertical margins of paragraphs, headings and divs when a parent container has hasLayout which are in violation of W3C specifications.

IE7-/Win Margin Transference Bug Older test case.

Do you sometimes wonder where that gap has appeared between a float and a clearing div, maybe the gap is caused by a margin further up in the source.

IE7-/Win and Opera bug with collapsing margins

These tests show a common scenario when the first element in a container is a float which is followed in the source by a static block element with a top margin. What should happen is margins should collapse.

IE7 and Opera 9.10~10.50 absolute positioning with block elements not aligning

These tests show a common scenario when the first element in a container is an absolutely positioned element which is followed in the source by a static block element with a top margin. What should happen is margins should collapse.

IE7-/Win Peekaboo Type Bug

The Pee-ka-boo Bug was one of the worst bugs that struck in IE6 and was happily fixed in IE7, but IE7 still fails to sometimes render content if fed particular CSS.

IE7-/Win Float right expansion bug

A bug in IE7- where the margin-left of container without hasLayout is ignored if it parent is a hasLayout container and it's child is floated right.

IE hasLayout and the return of the Guillotine bug

A bug that was supposingly fixed with IE6 now rears it's head again due to the IE property hasLayout and its effects with floats.

List items with floats and mysterious spaces

In IE the list item <li> has a affect on vertical margins of paragraphs and headings but when floated element are also present, a mysterious space appears.

Bugs in IE6

IE6 duplicated content bug

Sometimes using display: none followed by floats cause another later element to have some of it's content duplicated.

Bugs in IE5 and IE6

Background image drop bug

In a container without hasLayout following a float, background images are misplaced.

HTML Bug in IE9 beta, IE8 and IE7

IE quirks mode bug

A HTML comment between the <?xml> prolog and the doctype throws any version of IE into quirks mode (IE5.5 mode).

Created: 9th March 2008
Updated: 6th December 2010

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