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Articles on CSS

Future Articles will have CSS techniques in styling various web languages.

Older Articles of CSS bugs in IE7-

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IE Float model and the reality

When using float and clear on the same element, you can turn up with a mess in IE7-. This article also explains why block-level elements could not flow around cleared floats.

IE7- Guillotine Bug

A bug that was supposedly fixed with IE7 reared it's head again due to the IE property hasLayout and its effects with floats. This article shows the second type of Guillotine Bug that was discovered by me in 2007.

Sticky Sons of Suckerfish

IE7 arrived in 2007 with support for dynamic pseudo classes, but this support was buggy and exposes the flawed issues with auto offset and how it caused the sticky hover bug.

IE Escaping Floats and Pee-ka-boo

An exploration into the cause of the IE Escaping Floats Bug and the IE Peekaboo bug which is due to vertical rendering (layout) bands of 150 pixels in height.

Older Articles showing CSS techniques

Sons of Ursidae menus

Down the evolutionary track brings the Sons of Ursidae nested list dropdown or flyout menus. Works in IE7, IE6, and other good browsers.

Created: May 2007
Last Updated: March 2009.

Other test showing IE CSS bugs can be found on the page for Internet Explorer Bugs.

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