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About this site and the author

I live north of Sydney, Australia. I am talented in many things, but it took me 38 years before I discovered CSS. I stumbled onto CSS and good web design techniques in late September 2006, and seven months and many sleepless nights later, I find myself creating this site.

Site rendering different in different browsers

The site renders consistently across most browsers. The notable exceptions are IE8 (lacking support for CSS3), IE7 (buggy) and IE6 (very buggy).

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I would truly like to show my gratitude to Duncan Hill. He helped me a lot with my early understanding of CSS.

Site Timeline

  • 2000: I begin my grand adventure with web design with tables layouts. The first site was called genea-logos which is Latin for genealogy.
  • Sep 2006: My first ever time I hear of CSS. "What is CSS?" I was to ask.
  • 7th Apr 2007: Started work on this site.
  • 5th Jul 2007: Site officially launched.
  • 13th May 2011: Fresh new design (taken years).

Other talents

I am also talented in Fine Arts, Music, Antiques and Philosophy to name a few.

I will leave you with a poem that changed my life forever.


Why are we here on this earthly plain,
experiencing suffering, grief and pain?
Is it to pay the price of previous wrongs,
and listen to the tunes of the same old songs.
Or are we but prisoners of our own minds,
implanted with illusions of different kinds.

Our knowledge is ignorance in masquerade,
lives spent in darkness are just a charade.
We must learn to think from a different perspective,
discarding old patterns, optimism the objective.
Thinking right thoughts through thick and thin,
will very soon release the giant within.

To see through illusions, whose basis is fear,
and to conquer them all is why we are here.
It's the beginning of Wisdom to know this is true,
nothing is imposible for me and you.
Right thoughts will change everything, quick as a blink,
it all depends, on the way that we think.

Dennis Hall. 1998.

Last revised: 28th June 2008

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